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Nowadays people are going worldwide business, travel and study from all countries. The simple and tardy communication on the universal strata is the imperative requirement in current situation of development. Because of the commission morality of a few nations, the separations between them are reliably on the lessening. Internet has been determined to make worldwide calls for inexpensive way. Presently, you can converse with your dearest one in any country.

For the same, you don't need to be confused and peregrinate in the marketplace. Simply plosive a finger on your PC system, laptop or Smartphone, you can talk with anybody without making any extra cost from your pocket. Mobile Dialers evacuate the customary VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) constraint of utilizing PC or other VoIP gadgets confined to home environment. New era cellular telephone clients have admittance to mixed bags of internet services like GPRS,2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi associations which makes it simple to make VoIP calls from wherever in less expensive rate. VoIP innovation has made it an excess of simple to appreciate the shabby calls with sensibly great quality. Under this technique, the voice is persisted over the internet protocol. Thus, the rates of these calls are amazingly so inexpensive. For getting a charge out of the universal calls, your devices need to be VoIP empowered. For the same, the need of global calling programming develops.

Before we check out if it is possible to use calling cards on Symbian based mobile phones, let us understand what a VoIP application does. You know that it is possible to make calls using the Internet. You can use a fixed line that connects to a computer via SIP system for making long distance calls at a low cost. Alternatively, you can use one of the IMs to talk to the other person using a headset with microphone. However, that requires that the other person too is online and using the same IM.

With advent of VoIP, one can use a telephone to make calls using a SIP softswitch. The call, along with the recipient's phone number is routed over the Internet using the SIP and lands up on the telephone of the recipient who need not be online. It is just like normal ISD calling, the only difference being the call routed through SIP for reducing the costs.

The above method too, has its disadvantages. The users have to be present at a specific place (where the fixed line phone is set up) to make and receive calls. VoIP clients make it possible that users can initiate a SIP session from their mobile cell phones. Plenty of VoIP clients exist but not all are good. There is one or other problem such as time lag etc related to the mobile phone VoIP calling.

If you are looking for a better package for Symbian VoIP application, you can try the one from iTel. It not only allows calling cards to be used with the smartphones, but also offers no-lag, real time conversation. To use the iTel package, you will need a GPRS, 3G or WiFi enabled handset. In addition, you can purchase the SIP softswitch from the same company for better communication experience (that is, if you want to set up multiple mobile phones and normal land line phones to work simultaneously on the same Internet connection).

1. Computer supported Voip services : This service includes facilities like Skype and Google hangouts, which further avails features like instant messaging, free text and web cam chats amidst its members. Apart from computer to computer connection, this program can make and receive phone calls from regular telephone sets as well. Various companies legalize their services antithetically. For instance, Skype caters unlimited calling amid its members whereas, phone calling through regular phone lines includes a monthly subscription or payment on the basis of per minute charges. There are various other apps as well that avail free calling services amongst its members.

2. Land line supported Voip services : This service involves many phone companies and cable companies, which are made to reform home phone facilities. This system connects to any home phones and allows to make and receive calls on traditional phones. Most of the land line based Voip systems have monthly based subscription fee. There are many voip companies that renders free calling on the purchase of the adapter.